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Los Baños del Mar

Ortega Park Pool


Swim Lessons


Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation offers youth swim lessons at Los Baños del Mar and Ortega Park Pool. Swim lessons provide many benefits for children, including improved water safety, physical development, cognitive function, socialization, and confidence building.


Group Swim Lessons

Parent and Child

Ages 6 months - 3 years

Parents and caregivers join their children in the pool while instructors use play to help children feel comfortable and have fun in the water. Children must wear swim diapers during class.

Level 1 - Water Adjustment

Ages 3-12

Instructors help students feel comfortable in the water. Skills include blowing bubbles, putting face in the water, supported floats on front and back, and supported arm and leg actions.

Level 2 - Fundamental Skills

Ages 3-12

Instructors focus on preparing students to float without support and propel themselves through the water on their front and back using slides and alternative arm and leg actions.

Level 3 - Stroke Development

Ages 7-12

Instructors help students develop fundamental stroke mechanics for improved swimming. Students begin to swim longer distances, learn rotary breathing, basic dives, and treading water.

Private Swim Lessons

Private swim lessons are offered from January through November at Los Baños del Mar and June through August at Ortega Park Pool. Our friendly and experienced swim instructors provide one-on-one lessons for students of all levels, ages 3-12. Whether your child needs extra attention to work on a particular skill or to break through a fear of being in the water, our instructors can tailor a custom swim plan to meet their needs. Class space is limited.