Parks and Recreation Projects


View information below on current Parks and Recreation projects including park and facility improvements, creek restoration, and water quality improvement projects.

Bird Refuge Colors.JPG
Construction is currently underway on a restoration project at the Andrée Clark Bird Refuge. Anticipated to be complete by December 2022, the project aims to improve habitat and water quality in the Bird Refuge and at East Beach.
Band Shell at Plaza del Mar
Renovation design plans for the Band Shell at Plaza del Mar are currently underway, including structural repairs to the building frame, replacement of the roof and wood stage, electrical upgrades, and more.
Artistic rendering of the Dwight Murphy Field Renovation project, including new sport fields and Gwendolyn's Playground
Master planning for renovation of the Dwight Murphy Field includes a conceptual design for a universally accessible playground and supporting amenities.
Eastside Park.jpg
Expected to begin in fall of 2022, the first phase of this project will include replacing the existing playground and adding an additional playground near the front of the park, adding adult fitness equipment, and more.
Artistic rendering of the Ortega Park Renewal Project
The renewal of Ortega Park will include youth sports fields, a pool for swim and splash play facilities, skatepark, playground and community plaza, multi-generational zone with basketball courts, and other features.
Thousand Steps staircase to the beach
The Thousand Steps Repair Project includes demolition and reconstruction of the lowest 24 steps, the installation of ten additional concrete steps to extend the stairway below the wintertime scoured beach condition, and more.
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