5/28-5/29: Central's Children's Library will be closed due to construction work.

5/21-7/14: Eastside Library will be closed due to construction work.

Central Library's Book Drops will reopen on June 10th. Please come inside or visit Montecito to return items.

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Plaza de Vera Cruz

Santa Barbara’s first City park, Plaza de Vera Cruz is a Lower State neighborhood park featuring an open lawn area with large eucalyptus trees, palms, and rare Montezuma Cypress trees.

In 2021, The Parks and Recreation Department partnered with Santa Barbara Trapeze Co. to bring new activities to Plaza de Vera Cruz and a brand new recreational opportunity to the community. The agreement was set with an initial term of one year with annual one-year extensions for up to a total of 4 years.

While a portion of the park is currently dedicated to trapeze equipment and programs, the rest of the park remains open for public use during park hours. Members of the public are welcome to watch the programs while they enjoy the park.

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  • Dogs On-Leash
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