Youth Speak Out Event Returns With Focus on Youth Mental Wellness in a Post-Pandemic World

Authored on
March 6, 2022

Youth Speak Out is back! After a break during the pandemic, the Youth Council is happy to announce their first online Youth Speak Out event on Monday, March 28, 2022, at 5:30 p.m.

This year’s Youth Speak Out, a fully-virtual event, is called SBYC Speak Out on Mental Wellness; the event topic for 2022 is mental health for young people. 

“The youth in our community have been through so much for the last couple years and mental health is now more important than ever,” said Sagarika Manian, Youth Council member.” and we want to help the youth find the resources for help if they need it.”

The SBYC Speak Out webinar will begin with a panel of local experts in youth mental health, including Alexis Malatesta from the Mental Wellness Center and Rachael Steidl from YouthWell. Each expert will speak about mental wellness issues and local resources, including continuing pandemic-related mental health impacts on youth in our community. Guests will take audience questions then encourage the teens in attendance to join the discussion, providing an opportunity to share their views via an open-mic format.

Encouraging young people to educate themselves on important issues and available resources for teens and early adults is something the Youth Council encourages as part of its mission. “As teen representatives, it’s our responsibility to make sure youth voices and issues are heard,” said Youth Council member Amelia Vander May. 

SBYC Speak Out is open to the public; the Youth Council hopes to attract a diverse group of attendees to promote productive and exciting dialogue.

SBYC Speak Out is open to the public; the Youth Council hopes to attract a diverse group of attendees to promote productive and exciting dialogue. To sign up to attend Youth Speak Out, please visit: YouthSpeakOut2022.

Event Details

Webinar: SBYC Speak Out on Mental Wellness

  • Monday, March 28, 2022, at 5:30pm
  • Online webinar format
  • Admission is free! No cost to attend

Where to sign up:

Confirmed Speakers

  • Alexis Malatesta, Mental Wellness Center
  • Rachael Steidl, YouthWell

Please visit the SBYC Instagram for more information on speakers as they are confirmed: http://instagram.com/SantaBarbaraYouthCouncil.


Depending on individual school policy, students may receive one hour of community service credit for attending this event. Please check with your guidance counselor or another school official to confirm.

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