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Thousand Steps Repair Project

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Justin Van Mullem
Capital Projects Supervisor
(805) 897-1972

Project Location

This project is on hold until more sand has been naturally deposited on the beach.

About the Project

Thousands Steps is an important beach access stairway located at the end of Santa Cruz Boulevard in the Mesa neighborhood. The stairway, originally completed in 1925, provides an essential pedestrian connection to recreational opportunities along the beach and ocean. The stairway is made of concrete, and the lowest section is in disrepair due to constant physical damage from waves, sand, and rocks. Repair of this critical beach access stairway has been a high priority of the Parks and Recreation Department and surrounding neighborhood for many years.

The Thousand Steps Repair Project includes demolition and reconstruction of the lowest 24 steps, and installation of ten additional concrete steps to extend the stairway below the wintertime scoured beach condition. The repairs include the installation of new handrails from the street level to the beach, construction of a new concrete guard-rail at the main landing mid-stairway, installation of a drain to capture groundwater to reduce algae growth and potentially slippery stair treads, and re-pouring the concrete at the main landing to create positive drainage to the new drain. The bluff top will include a bicycle rack and new signage.

Funded by the City’s General Fund, the total cost of the project is anticipated to be $750,000.