Romero Trail

Romero Trail is a good option for those looking for a less travelled trail with options to create a loop. Romero trailhead begins as part of Old Romero Road, splits off into a single track approximately ½ mile from the start, and ends at East Camino Cielo. Old Romero Road follows the same canyon and crosses over the single track trail at two locations, midway and at the top, making these loop options. The trail has several creek crossing over Romero Creek in the lower canyon portions of the trail. As the trail climbs and switchbacks to the crest, it moves through thick chaparral. Once at the top, ocean and island views are available, as are views of the City. Visitors are likely to encounter: hikers/joggers, dogs, bikers, and poison oak. Visitors may encounter: horses, snakes, and other wildlife. Dogs are allowed on-leash; cleanup is required.

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